About ACS



1. Name

The name of the society is ARAB COMPUTER SOCIETY, hereinafter referred to as ACS. ACS is a non-profit scientific, professional and educational society.

2. Mission and Scope

The mission of the ACS is to advance the theory and practice of information science and technology. The ACS shall promote and preserve a high professional standard of integrity among its members. The ACS shall encourage and facilitate cooperation among its members. The ACS shall enhance the participation and contribution of the Arab world in Information Technologies and to maximize its benefits. The scope of ACS shall include all aspects of the theory and practice of computer science and information technology.

3. Objectives The objectives of the ACS are:

1. To encourage and develop computer science and engineering research and development.

2. To support the development of an Arab IT industry.

3. To facilitate the exchange of information and experiences about Arab IT products.

4. To promote the development of standards for products that support the Arabic language.

5. To facilitate cooperation among computer science scholars, researchers, academicians, and professionals working in the Arab world as well as researchers worldwide who are interested in the IT industry/ profession in the Arab World.

6. To coordinate with national IT organizations in the countries.

7. To cooperate with international peer organizations to enhance the professional standards throughout the Arab region.

8. To organize conferences, workshops, and technology transfer activities and to publish original works pertaining to its areas of interest.

9. To promote, foster and develop skills in the use of computers and to increase public awareness on the importance of computer proficiency. same.